The Movement

What is Do Good. Be Kind.?

"It's helping be nice. If someone needs help, we can help them." - Beckham (5) 

"I think it means to work hard in school and church, and then you just be kind to everybody and do your best." - Lincoln (9) 

"It's a motto for how to live my life." - Karen (Plenty-nine)

"Do Good. Be Kind. can be related to anything.  It can be a life motto or just a daily reminder. To me, it's something to live by. Everybody should hear it at least once because behind the simple words there is the power to influence and change people's lives." - Syndey (16)

"It's a simple phrase with a bigger meaning." - Luke (14) 

"It is a way of living." - Keaton (11) 

"It's a lot of things; but overall, it's a movement to spread kindness. At work, as a nurse, it is more than just being kind to our patients, it is a reminder to be good and kind to ourselves. It's about the community as much as it is a personal challenge.  It's a reminder that it's not just about 'you'." - Amy (Over 40) 

"It is the next level of 'pay it forward'. It's proactively doing good and being kind without expectation of reward.  It's a nudge to do it because it is the right thing to do." - Rodney (48)

___   ___   ___  

Do Good. Be Kind. is all of this. It is a reminder.  An invitation applicable to all ages and walks of life. It is visual, impactful, outward, and personal. 

Do Good. Be Kind. is for everyone. Our mission is to send a ripple throughout the world. We simply began through apparel with a purpose.

Want to join us? 

Live it.

Wear it.

Share it.

Do Good. Be Kind.™



The Do Good. Be Kind. Team

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