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Lilly Strong


Try and keep up with Lilly, we dare you.  Like any 9 y.o. her age she has spunk, sparkle, the personality of a rainbow, and the energy of a desert thunderstorm.  

When Lilly wanted to learn to swim, her mother, Jess, searched far and wide for someone, anyone, who would teach her. Everyone was afraid of the liability. Everyone, that is, except Sarah.  

Sarah is the founder and principal of Mindful Matters and a force to be reckoned with.  She has a can-do (edited for all ages) attitude and lives the motto Do Good. Be Kind. When a mutual friend approached Sarah about Lilly, she went immediately to a local pool, taped her legs together and imagined what it would be like to swim as a double-amputee. Her thoughts, "We got this!" 

Sarah and Lilly

This month, when fires ravaged thousands of homes in Santa Rosa, CA, Jess and Lilly's was among them. They fled with only their night clothes on unsure of what would ensue. The fire would destroy everything, including Lilly's prosthetic legs and wheelchair.  

Once again, Sarah sprang into action. In her words, "I don't have much, but I have time, energy, and love."

Sarah took to social media and her tribe for support. A Go Fund Me has already raised $69K to help the family rebuild. She also worked tirelessly to find a transportation solution for Jess. With some help from Heather Walsh and Novato Chevrolet, Jess has the use of a 2018 Equinox until a more permanent fix is resolved. 

When Sarah contacted Do Good. Be Kind.™, we were more than happy to help support her and the amazing mother-daughter-swim coach team.  

This week through Thanksgiving, you can use code LILLYSTRONG10 upon checkout. A portion of all purchases will go to help Lilly and Jessica. 

Thank you, Sarah, for living Do Good. Be Kind. 

Keep Being Awesome! 

The Do Good. Be Kind.™ Team.





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